Vidant Bertie Hospital Development Council

The Vidant Bertie Hospital Development Council was formed in the fall of 2005 with the mission “to build relationships and help secure financial resources to support the health and wellness services of Vidant Bertie Hospital”. This support has allowed the hospital to purchase much-needed equipment and enhance current services offered at the hospital. To date, the Development Council has raised funds to: purchase a bone densitometer for the radiology department; purchase two fully reclining chairs for each of the inpatient unit rooms; provide fecal occult blood tests kits (colon cancer test) to 500 area residents; and to assist with addition of a chapel, family room and courtyard to the hospital.

The Development Council holds a reverse raffle each year (which typically raises about $18,000 - $20,000). During the years of 2013-2016, many employees of Vidant Bertie Hospital designated their United Way/Employee Giving Campaign contributions for the chapel project. The chapel project is now complete, and the Council will determine a new project to support at the beginning of the calendar year.

LuAnn Joyner - Marketing/Community Relations/Development Specialist

252-794-6653 - office
252-741-0927 - mobile number

Please make checks payable to:
Vidant Bertie Hospital Development Council